Frequently Asked Questions
Q 01. What does have to offer? offers a hundred different sets of designs. Each of those sets comprises of hundred unique designs at an affordable price of US $100. All the designs will be in raster format (PNG, size mostly 1920x1080 pixels) in color separated form which you can directly use for your production works. Additionally, with each purchased set, we provide you illustrations of each design along with several color combinations free of cost.
Q 02. Why buy designs from
The designs we offer are all uniquely created and carefully selected. On top of that, they are very affordable.
Q 03. How do I buy designs?
You can click on "Add to Cart" button if you want to purchase the desired set. To preview items that you are about to purchase, click on the Cart button. You can see the list of sets along with total amount for the purchase. Once you are done shopping, click on "Proceed to Checkout" button and it will guide you through the secure PayPal payment process. Once the payment is received, our system will automatically send you an email with the link to download the designs.
Q 04. Do I have to register in order to use this website?
No. Feel free to browse the site without having to register. You can even start shopping without registering.
Q 05. Can the purchased designs be used for commercial purpose? Or are there any limitations?
The purchased designs are licensed to be used for commercial purpose on physical products, but we retain the design copyright. This means that you are not allowed to resell or lease the digital file or transfer your license to any third party.
Q 06. Can the purchased designs be used on a website, brochure or textile?
Yes, you can use your purchased designs on your website, brochure, textile or on any physical product.
Q 07. Can I get a discount on bulk orders?
Yes, if you decide to purchase all 100 sets at once, you will receive a flat discount of 50%.
Q 08. How do I download the design set I've purchased?
After your payment has been verified, you will receive an email which contains link to the sets you ordered. Click on the link to download. Though the email is sent immediately following payment, sometimes the email settings on your PC or at your Internet Service Provider may delay immediate receipt.
Q 09. If I need to re-download the design set I purchased, will I be charged again?
No. To download again send an email to us at from the address that you had used to purchase design set.
Q 10. Are the designs copyright protected?
Yes, all of these are created at our premise over a very long period of time, and we hold copyright for all the designs we offer.
Q 11. Are the illustrations copyright protected?
Though most of the objects in the illustrations are created by us at our premise, these are purely for representational purposes. We have also used some objects from friends and other publications with permission, for which we do NOT hold any copyright. If in case, you plan to use the illustrations, you should seek permission from the respective copyright holder.
Q 12. In what file format are your designs delivered?
All downloads are delivered as zipped PNG files in their original color separated format.
Q 13. Are all the designs seamless (tileable)?
Most of the designs are seamless, but some are not.
Q 14. Do I get the printed or physical copy of the designs?
We only provide you with the digital copies of the designs. You can print the designs on a color printer yourself if a physical copy is required.
Q 15. Can I use the designs in free sampler for commercial use?
Yes, you can use the designs in free sampler for commercial use. However, the copyright of the featured designs will still remain with us.
Q 16. Can the license to use purchased designs be shared with my friends?
No, you are not allowed to share your license to use these designs with your friends. Only you or your company may use the designs.
Q 17. What should I do if my download link is expired or interrupted or if the file was corrupted during download?
If you experience any problem with the downloaded files, please send an email to In your email, please remember to include name of the design set and a description of the problem. Our Customer Service Department will attempt to diagnose and address to the problem usually within 48 business hours.
Q 18. Can I buy all 100 units of a collection, to guarantee me absolute exclusivity to the purchased designs?
Yes, you can buy all units of a set, but it provides you only relative exclusivity. If some of the units of a set have already been sold, you can buy only the remaining number of units.
Q 19. Are the designs unique in all the sets?
Yes, the designs we offer in this site are all unique across all sets. However, some designs in one set may partly resemble another in a different set due to similar structure.
Q 20. What is your return policy? Can I return a design set for a refund or exchange it with another set?
We do not have a return policy as a digital file is a non-returnable product. However, if you have any complaints regarding your order please write to us at and we will try to resolve it in our full capacity.
Q 21. How do I place an order?
Orders can be placed directly from our website. If you are unable to process an order from the site, please email to or call 977-1-4387977/ 4389747 (Monday to Friday, 3:15 AM - 11:45 AM [UTC/GMT]) for assistance.
Q 22. What payment methods can I use??
You may pay for your order with a PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card or debit card. If you are in Nepal without those services, please use eSewa.
Q 23. Are credit card purchases safe on
Absolutely. We use PayPal to allow you to purchase designs online using any major credit card or bank account. By pressing ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button you will be taken to payment page, which is hosted on PayPal’s secure servers.
Q 24. What is PayPal?
PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address to securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. All payments will be made over a secure encrypted connection so credit card number and private details cannot be misused in transit; this is as secure as online ordering can be. All payment processing is handled by PayPal which processes thousands of transactions per day.
Q 25. How long will it take to receive my order?
Once the payment is verified, the system will automatically send you an email with the download link. The only delay you might have to endure will be due to the internet speed while downloading the content.
Q 26. I don't have a PayPal account. How do I make the payment?
Not everyone has a PayPal account, but you can still purchase designs with PayPal without having a PayPal account. You can use your credit card information for payment.
Q 27. Will my email address or personal information be shared with other companies?
We do not disclose or share our customer’s personal information with anyone.
Q 28. I still have more questions...
Questions not addressed here can be directed to:

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